New Horizons in Structural Biology


NVK Structural Biology Symposium


 New Horizons in Structural Biology


Friday 1 July 2016

 Prof. Dorgelozaal, Traverse, TU Eindhoven


The TU-Eindhoven and the Dutch Crystallographic Society (NVK) have hosted a 1-day Structural Biology Symposium. 

Structural Biology has undergone revolutionary developments, reaching out towards the structures of the most complex biological macromolecules and providing state-of-the art tools for structures of large molecular machines. This one day symposium addressed key questions and issues in structural biology and imaging, particularly:

·       High-resolution 3D cryo-EM of macromolecular complexes

·       Crystallization of proteins

·       Drug design

·       Protein-protein interactions

·       Improvement of structural models


Our keynote speakers were  Rouslan Efremov (VIB-VUB, Brussel) and Arjen Jakobi (EMBL Heidelberg).


Speakers at the NVK-Structural Biology day: From left to right: Arjen Jakobi, Raimond Ravelli, Rouslan Efremov, Christian Ottmann, Joost UItdehaag, Steff De Graeff, Bart Beusekom & Ilona Józwik. Alaa Adawy & Sergey Lunev had already left before the picture was taken.


9:30 10:00 Registration & coffee
10:00 10:10 Christian Ottmann TU/Eindhoven Welcome
10:10 10:35 Joost Uitdehaag Netherlands Translational Research Center The unique binding mode of NTRC
0066-0, a novel inhibitor of the spindle assembly checkpoint kinase TTK
(Mps1), leads to long target residence time and potent anti-tumor
10:35 11:00 C.Ottmann TU/Eindhoven Structural biology of small-molecule stabilization of
protein-protein interactions
11:00 11:15 Alaa Adawy University Groningen SLS Monitoring of Nucleation in Protein Crystallization
11:15 12:05 Arjen Jakobi EMBL Heidelberg Challenges for high-resolution
3D cryo-EM of macromolecular complexes: a case study of RNA Pol III and TMV
12:05 13:10 Lunch & posters
13:10 13:35 Ilona Jóźwik  University Groningen Structural investigation into steroid recognition and conversion by the novel testosterone-hydroxylase
CYP109E1 from Bacillus megaterium.
13:35 14:00 Steff De Graef KU Leuven Isoleucyl-tRNA synthetase: One
process, Two ends
14:00 14:15 Sergey Lunev Universiteit Groningen Protein Interference Assay (PIA) in Drug Target Validation
14:15 15:00 Rouslan Efremov VIB-VUB Structural insight into calcium signalling in muscular contraction
15:00 15:30 Tea & posters
15:30 15:55 Bart van Beusekom  NKI Joosten group Better protein structure models with homology-based hydrogen bond restraints
15:55 16:20 Raimond Ravelli Maastricht University Towards Structural characterisation ot T7SS of M. Tuberculosis
16:20 16:25 Closure
16:25 17:00 Guided tour through the lab
17:00 18:00 Drinks, posters and

All attendees, who will not be giving a talk, were encouraged to present their own work at the conference during the poster sessions. 

The meeting was held in the Prof. Dorgelozaal, Traverse, TU Eindhoven campus, which is located only 15 minutes walking distance from the Central train station (see map below). 


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The organising committee,

Bram Schierbeek

Christian Ottmann

Marjo van Hoof