Nederlandse Vereniging voor Kristallografie (NVK)

The Dutch Crystallographic Society (NVK) is an independent society, that also functions as a section of the Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV), and the Netherlands’ Physical Society (NNV).

For whom is the Dutch Crystallographic Society?

The NVK wants to promote crystallography practice and contact between its practitioners and is open to everyone in or from the Netherlands and Flanders that has an interest in research of matter and molecules using X-rays, neutrons or electron beams: From physical phenomena in ordered materials to supramolecular chemistry, from mineralogy to structural biology. It is not necessary to be a member of the KNCV or NVV to become a member of the NVK

What are the goals of the Dutch Crystallographic Society?

The NVK aims to bring together people from different disciplines that use
X-ray-, neutron- or electron-diffraction to investigate the atomic and/or molecular structure of crystals, interfaces, materials and biomolecules. The NVK aims at doing this by disseminating knowledge about crystallography and promoting the interests of crystallography and crystallographers in the broadest sense of the word by:

  • organizing meetings, symposia, summer courses and conferences (also with other associations)
  • setting up work, discussion and study groups
  • promoting publications
  • maintaining contact between members by means of a periodic
  • membership of international organizations
  • international exchange in the broadest sense
  • all other means that may serve the purpose.

The society has its own website and its own mailing list to keep members informed about upcoming events. NVK is the Dutch representation to the International Union of Crystallography (IUCr) and the European Association of Crystallography (ECA) serves as a contact point for these associations.

Every year the NVK organises meetings in which different aspects of diffraction and crystallography are addressed in a number of lectures. Usually one or more international lecturers are invited for this event.

All members of the NVK, scientists, as well as members working in industry, are welcome to attend these meetings. Members of the NVK get a discount to attend these meetings.