PD school 2017: venue & programme

Dear participant of the NVK Powder Diffraction School 2017,

We look forward to meet you at the school on Tuesday and Wednesday. The venue is the Reactor Institute Delft, which is building 50 on the TU Delft Campus. There are busses 40, 69 and 174 which will bring you from the main train station to the Reactor Instituut at the Mekelweg 15 in 12 minutes.

Tuesday 21 November 2017

09h30 – 10h00: Registration + coffee/tea
10h00 – 11h15: Crystalline materials
(keywords: lattices, crystal systems, point groups, space groups, poly/isomorphism)
11h15 – 11h30: coffee/tea
11h30 – 13h00: Introduction to (powder) diffraction theory
(keywords: Bragg’s Law, Laue indices, structure factor, preferred orientation, systematic absences, peak broadening)
13h00 – 13h45: lunch
13h45 – 14h15: Powder diffraction instrumentation
(keywords: laboratory vs large scale facilities, optics, diffraction geometries, detectors, specimen preparation, non-ambient diffraction)
14h15 – 15h15: Lab tour XRD and ND
15h15 – 16h00: Crystallographic Databases
(keywords: data flow, CSD, ICSD, PDF, COD, Dutch Cheminformatics Consortium)
16h00 – 16h15: coffee and tea
16h15 – 18h00: Exercises and basic interpretation
19h00 Dinner

Wednesday 22 November 2017

09h00 – 11h00: Interpretation of powder diffraction patterns(keywords: background correction, , peak search, indexing, profile fitting, Rietveld refinement)
11h00 – 11h15: coffee / tea
11h15 – 13h00: Powder diffraction and practical applications
(keywords: phase identification, quantitative analysis, structure determination, texture analysis, stress, strain and defects, amorphous content, pair distribution function)
13h00 – 13h45: lunch
13h45 – 14h15: do’s and don’ts
14h15 – 17h30: Treat your own data Workshop

See you on Tuesday 21 and Wednesday 22 November!

The NVK Education Team