Protein section meeting 1997

The first meeting of the NVK protein section will be held on the 13th of June 1997 in the Netherlands Cancer Institute in Amsterdam. We have been able to compile an exciting program with both a good number of new methods and an impressive number of structural results from within our community.
After the scientific program we want to close with a short meeting about future plans and a “borrel”. Afterwards an informal, unsubsidized dinner is planned in a central Amsterdam restaurant.

The meeting is open for anybody interested. Inquiries can be made with

Titia Sixma
tel (+31)-(0)20-5121959
fax (+31)-(0)20-5121954

The costs are fl 12.50 for the lunch. Opgeven bij or Marlijn Sonne at phone:(+31)-(0)20-5121950/fax:5121954. Those who want to join for dinner should preferably indicate this.

The NKI can be reached by train from station Lelylaan (15 minutes walk) or from the Central station (by tram 2,~30 minutes). By car at exit Sloten from the Amsterdam ring (A10) or the A4.


Program for the first NVK protein subsection meeting, on 13 june 1997 Collegezaal, NKI, Plesmanlaan 121, AMSTERDAM. All talks are 20 minutes + 5 minutes discussion.

10.00-10.30 Coffee and welcome
Jan-Pieter Abrahams (Cambridge)
“Removing bias in phase refinement: introducing the gamma-correction”
Anastassis Perrakis (Amsterdam)
“wARP, the next generation”
Piet Gros (Utrecht)
“ARENA, a new method for studying side-chain packings”
Rob van Montfort (Groningen)
“The structure of IIAmannitol, an energy coupling protein in bacteria”
Arthur Oubrie (Groningen)
“Molecular architecture of the aldose sugar biosensor glucose dehydrogenase”
12.45-13.45 Lunch
Joost Uitdehaag (Groningen)
“How X-rays shed light on enzyme catalysis: substrate distortion and substrate activation in the alpha-amylase family”
Thomas R.Transue (Brussel)
“Analyzing molecular interactions: assessing substrate mimicry of an anti-lysozyme camel antibody”
Arjan Snijder (Groningen)
“Outer membrane phospholipase A: an integral membrane enzyme with a porin fold”
14.55-15.25 Tea/coffee
Luc van Meervelt (Leuven)
“B-DNA structure “
Gertie van Pouderoyen (Amsterdam)
“Crystal structure of DNA binding domain of Tc3A transposase in complex with transposon DNA”
Jeroen Brandsen (Utrecht)
“Crystal structure of the C-terminal domain of transcription co-activator PC4 reveals distinct binding modes for ssDNA and dsDNA”
16.30-17.30 Drinks & meeting

Afterwards: Dinner in Amsterdam (eigen kosten/ going Dutch….)